Our Foolproof, Step-by-Step Recruitment Process for 
Hiring Outstanding Virtual Teams

Welcome to our complete Recruitment Process for Finding, Selecting  and Hiring your Team!

This guide will be your vital tool in enabling you to recruit the right people for your team. We will walk you through the recruitment process in addition to sharing all of our tips and pitfalls!

We will step out the entire recruitment process including some additional handy resources we have created just for you. We are experienced in this sector and will provide you with our personal top tips along the way.


5 Step Recruitment Process for Hiring Your Dream Team

Here is a quick overview of the step-by-step proven system to ensure the recruitment process is easy, efficient and successful:

  1. Determine the roles you want to fill.
  2. Identify Key Job Specifics and Responsibilities
  3. Creating original, detailed, clear and concise job advertisements
  4. Selection process in finding your new rockstar!
  5. Interview only the best.

Let's dive deeper into each of the steps for better understanding.

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Step 1: Determine the roles you want to hire

recruitment process - roles

Does the following sound like you?

  1. You are trying to manage multiple tasks with limited time for anything other than your business.
  2. Financially your business is in a position that will allow you to employ more staff and grow your business.
  3. You feel you want to expand your team but don’t know where to start!

Firstly, it’s important to know what role you’d like your new hire to fill.

Which job roles are required to help expand your business, take a load off your plate, and assist in hitting your business goals?

Let’s begin with a high-level overview of common virtual roles:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who provides various services for your business. There are a host of things that virtual assistants can do, including social media management, event management, managing calendars, appointments and emails, and preparing reports.

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants will provide high-level administrative support to executives in your business. Like VA’s, they conduct clerical work. However, EA’s also perform duties that can have an effect on the success or profitability of a business, such as helping with marketing research, training staff, and scheduling important meetings. They are also the voice of the business, the go-to person for all staff and can also assist with your personal needs.

Marketing Manager

Marketing manager responsibilities include tracking and analysing the performance of advertising campaigns, managing the marketing budget and ensuring that all marketing material is in line with our brand identity. To be successful in this role, you should have hands-on experience with web analytics tools and be able to turn creative ideas into effective advertising projects. Ultimately, you will help build and maintain a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online and offline marketing channels.


A copywriter is someone who writes for the internet. They create informative content for businesses that are designed to guide the reader’s own research. Copywriters can also be experienced with SEO strategising, social media planning and even making videos.

Content Manager

A Content Manager is responsible for the creation and distribution of all digital content across all brands as they develop, lead and enforce the voice and strategic branding of the organissation. They create and distribute content across social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to establish brand authority, manage company reputation, provide social customer care, facilitate partnerships with key influencers on the social web, and introduce offers where appropriate.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager would be your right hand in your business. They are responsible for taking complex tasks from your plate and handling them independently. An Operations Manager is excellent at managing business goals, implementing processes to meet this goal, managing your team and implementing KPIs. They are responsible for ensuring that your business is providing a smooth flow that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. Whilst you can concentrate on the big picture.


  • If you are tight on budget you can recruit VA’s overseas. However, if you want a VA to be a point of contact and handle more complex tasks for your business then we advise that you recruit this position domestically.
  • If your business does not rely heavily on marketing then you could recruit for a marketing copywriter. It is sort of a 2 in 1 role!!  A copywriter creates content; a marketer takes content and uses it as a tool to generate site traffic, and, hopefully, leads.
  • Find a content manager who has experience heavily in the marketing industry as this will allow you to use their multiple skills across various roles. Inevitably saving your business money in addition to using your staff to their full potential.
  • There is no perfect Operations Manager out there, they need to learn your business, your vision, and your goals. This takes time. Personality is key in this role as they will be building your team morale.

Step 2: Key Job Specifics and Responsibilities

hiring virtual teams

The next step is to define the specifics of the tasks and responsibilities of the new hire.

A fairly common mistake business owners make is assuming a certain role has a specific skill set, and then discovering that the new hire does not have the skills nor experience needed to complete what is required. Having a list of tasks that you need done before you commence the recruitment process helps to create a clear focus for what you are looking for, and what they need to be able to do. 

Below is a list of some common tasks and responsibilities undertaken by many online businesses. Review this list and use it as a prompt for creating your own list of tasks you need in your business. 

The ROLES to the left of the table, highlights which role would typically manage that work. Use this as a guide to confirm the list you come up with in Step #1.


Keep in mind, finding a candidate who will fit each and every role or responsibility is often not possible. For example, you’re unlikely to find a candidate with proficiency in SEO, copywriting, and diary management.

Responsibilities and Roles

  • Developing and managing a content marketing strategy that supports the business goals from the top to the bottom of the marketing and sales funnel

Marketing Manager,  Content Manager, Operations Manager

  • Lead efforts on customer and competitive research to refine brand positioning and build brand recognition.

Operations Manager

  • Oversee existing Content Team and support team growth, development, and implementation of new initiatives.

Content Manager

  • Develop and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) that reflect the objectives of the business.

Operations Manager

  • Create, edit, and manage the production of digital content that is consistent with the business's brand, style, and tone.

Content Writer, Content Manager, Marketing Manager

  • Develop and maintain a content calendar that attracts and appeals to the business core goals.

Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Executive Assistant

  • Creation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the planning, execution, optimisation, distribution, and amplification of the business content.

Operations Manager

  • Managing in house and outsourced content creators, editors, data analysts, graphic designers, videographers, developers, etc.

​Operations Manager

  • Defining, creating, and upholding the businesses Style Guide.

Executive Assistant, Marketing Manager

  • Coordinating day-to-day editorial operations, managing in house and outsourced content creators, editors, graphic designers, videographers, developers, etc.

Executive Assistant

  • Reviewing all assignments before publication to ensure the material is accurate and on-brand.

Content Manager, Marketing Manager

  • Leading and directing the work of content produced by content team members including text, images, audio, and video, making sure all team members are on-task and meeting deadlines.

Content Manager

  • Creating and managing the business and individual goals and KPI’s.

Operations Manager

  • Scheduling and managing performance reviews for the team.

Operations Manager, Executive Assistant

  • Monitoring and reporting business performance KPIs.

Operations Manager

  • Ensuring the readability of content by identifying and correcting mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Content ​Writer, Executive Assistant, Content Manager, Marketing Manager

  • Maintaining consistency of the brand by upholding the organisation’s style guide standards on tense, voice, tone, and the spelling/capitalisation of certain words as they relate to the organisation.

Content Writer, Content Manager

  • Designing engaging and creative images for use in a variety of digital assets including social media, images for written content, presentations, etc.

Content ​Writer

  • Defining editorial standards for maximising search success on all content including the website, blog, social media platforms, and other communication channels.

Marketing Manager, Content Manager

  • Troubleshooting and tracking site performance including social sharing, page load speed, and other technical issues related to search marketing.

Content Writer, Content Manager, Marketing Manager

  • Producing and/or directing video content for YouTube and other video platforms.

Content Writer, Content Manager

  • Maintaining a deadline-driven editorial calendar that coordinates time-sensitive articles with general-interest stories.

Executive Assistant, Content Writer, Content Manager

  • Monitoring and measuring the success of social media strategy.

Operations Manager

  • Creating and maintaining a vibrant sense of community by establishing and upholding the company’s Community Guidelines.

Content Manager

  • Addressing customer service issues, both proactively and re-actively.

Virtual Assistant, Executive Assistant, Operations Manager

  • Manage extensive diary management across the team.

Executive Assistant, Virtual Assistant

  • Monitor social media channels and advise the team of any requests and questions.

​Virtual Assistant

  • Domestic and International travel bookings.

Executive Assistant

  • Personal requests on behalf of the executive team.

Executive Assistant

  • Creating a video marketing project plan that aligns with organisational content marketing goals.

Content Manager

Next is to choose the specific hardware skills required for this position.

As with the roles and responsibilities section, it won’t be possible (or likely necessary) to find a candidate that possesses all of the below skills. Again, consider listing some skills as necessary and others as an added bonus.

  • Google Suite
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Hubstaff
  • Voxer
  • Xero
  • Mind Meister
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Microsoft Applications

Lastly, you will need to state in this section what type of computer you hope your new potential candidate is computer literate in.

  • Mac
  • PC

This may not be a priority in the recruitment process, but knowing what the candidates' types of equipment can also be used to measure their skills technologically.

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Step 3: Creating original, detailed, clear job advertisements for optimal hiring

hiring a team member

Using the above selection criteria, you are so close to finalising your new job ad!

We now need to ensure we have all aspects covered, after all, we want to find that perfect candidate!


Remember this is YOUR job ad! The following are just suggested additions.

Here are our 4 main pillars we look at during the selection process:


The level of education and experience you require for the role will depend on the salary you are willing to offer and the availability of talent in the area you are recruiting.

REMEMBER: Digital marketing is still a young role, it's fairly new to the world that is Online Business. While a veteran in more traditional professions (think Executive Assistant/Accountant or Human Resources) might have 20+ years of experience, the equivalent in digital marketing might be less than half of that.

Below are the level(s) of education and experience you’ll require for this position.

Job Experience:
  • Entry-level - No experience
  • Professional Experience 3+ years
  • Professional Experience 5+ years
  • Professional Experience 10+ years
Educational Attainment:
  • No degree required
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree


The last step in building a solid job posting is the addition of salary and benefits. You may consider the questions below:

  • Will they be a permanent Employee or Contractor?
  • Are you offering insurance?
  • Will they receive bonus payments?
  • Will they receive holiday pay? If yes how much are they entitled to?


Always ensure you have checked your financial budget prior to deciding on the salary you will be paying your new employee.


You are not alone! There are some great websites to assist you with this process. In addition search for similar roles that are being advertised online! This will assist you in understanding the salary barriers. The following sites can also assist:


You do not have to post the salary information in the job ad. This can be discussed down the track at the interview stage.


To finalise the job ad you can include any of the following:

  • A brief overview of the company:[COMPANY NAME] is a [WHAT THE COMPANY DOES] company based in [LOCATION]. Our mission is simple: [COMPANY'S MISSION]. We are extremely passionate about this mission, and absolutely love what we do. If you would like to be part of our mission and believe you share the same core values then we would love to hear from you!
  • An instruction on how the candidate should apply for the role and what information you require.To Apply: Reply to this email and edit the subject line to “[add title]”, and include a cover letter along with your resume (and any other links you wish to include). In your cover letter tell us why you would love this opportunity and include a fun fact about yourself.


Adding a clear instruction can be the ultimate test to see if the candidate has reviewed the job application fully. It also shows their level of attention to detail.


To find qualified applicants, you can list your job postings on both free and paid job board websites. This plays an important role in the recruitment process as it helps you engage with potential candidates.

Free Job Posting Sites:

Paid Job Posting Sites:


Our go-to sites for recruiting are Seek and Ziprecruiter! Seek is great for Australian candidates and Ziprecruiter is excellent for the USA.

Step 4: Selection process in finding your new rockstar!

recruitment process for virtual teams

Now that your job ad is finalised and posted on the relevant job posting sites, we can now begin the process of searching and hiring your new team member!

Stick with us, we've had great success with our recruitment process using these steps!

Here's a quick overview of our selection process:

Part 1: Recruitment Management Tool To Organise Applications

Part 2: Resume & Cover Letter Stage To Find Superstar Candidates

Part 3: Send The Superstars a Questionnaire

Part 4: Get the Standout Candidates on Video

At first glance, it may look complicated but this is our secret sauce to recruitment process success.

Ready to know more?

You are one step closer to hiring a rockstar!

Part 1: Recruitment Management Tool To Organise Applications

So you have posted your amazing job ad and are now being inundated with responses from potential candidates!

You are struggling to keep on top of them!

This is where online management tools will come into play. This will help you keep good track of the whole recruitment process, who has applied, which candidates need to progress further, which one needs to be sent rejection emails, etc.

Things To Track:

  • Who is moving to the next stage
  • Who needs to be sent a rejection email
  • Who really stands out and needs to be invited to interview


During the hiring process you'll likely find more than one good candidate. Make note of those who may not be suited for this role but could be needed in future. It will save you so much time later!

Your chosen recruitment process tool (Ziprecruiter, Seek, etc.) may be able to assist with aspects of this. We find it useful to use them for the initial cull and then to bring your top 20 - 40 out of that system and manage the next stage of the process yourself.

Recently, we began managing our candidates using an online tool called Hubspot. The basic, free account is efficient enough to be able to monitor and track the progress for you.

Hubspot may be overkill for you OR it might be exactly what you need to keep track of those balls flying everywhere.

Hubspot Tips:

  • An excellent online tool, and it's free!
  • Create deals to manage your recruitment process
  • Send emails via Hubspot & link to your Gmail
  • Upload supporting documents for each candidate
  • Keep candidates on the system for future opportunities


If have researched Hubspot and aren't too keen, you are in luck because we have provided you with an excel google form template for you to use. ENJOY!

Part 2: Resume and Cover Letter Stage To Find Superstar Candidates

And so the excitement begins!

Ok, so you have had an excellent response to your job ad, you are super excited, and now it's time to vet your applications.

Feeling overwhelmed that there are so many great resumes? Be aware! In every recruitment process, there are likely resumes that will give you a bunch of lies. 

Take a look at our Resume Checklist that will surely help you find the right people to work with:

  • Never judge a book by its cover. Be skeptical when you read a resume and look for the specific skills, experience and qualifications that are suited to your role.
  • Check for gaps and inconsistencies in the work history.
  • Make sure the candidate matches your key criteria before shortlisting them.
  • Research the businesses they worked for. Be suspicious of impressive information that can't be verified.
  • Ensure that the referees are appropriate. Only accept a direct report (boss) as a referee, not friends or family.
  • Ask for copies of any stated certifications, tickets, and qualifications.
  • If you LOVE a particular candidate's resume/CV but still have questions, ASK them. There may be a simple explanation for an irregularity.

Finding and hiring the right people can be tricky enough so why do people lie on their resumes?

In a tough job market, job seekers may feel the need to get a little creative in order to boost their chances of scoring an interview. And guess what, most of them get away with it. So, watch out!

Now, on to the sorting part!

Below is where you'll find our top tips for getting through what could potentially be 100 applications.

First, we do an initial "No Way" cull. Get rid of the applicants who have not followed instructions, are obviously spammers, don't have the required experience, etc.

This will help you narrow down the field dramatically and make room for the awesome people to shine through.

Initial "NO WAY" Cull:

  • No cover letter attached- reject the application
  • Poor presentation - reject the application
  • Irrelevant experience - reject the application
  • Terrible spelling & grammar - reject the application
  • Unsuitable skillset - reject the application

Now, that first cull will leave you with a stack of "Maybe Yes, Maybe No" applications. Candidates who might fit the criteria, but they might not.

So with that, we would need to narrow down the field again.

Take another look through and rate your candidates from 1 - 5 according to suitability. (5 being, Heck Yes! and 1 being, Heck No!)

We like to immediately reject ALL 1's and 2's and even 3's. We have high standards and you should, too.

Now you should be left with a stack of "Superstar" applicants. Those are the ones we like for our team.

The next step is to invite all of your 4's & 5's to the next stage.


Struggling to choose stand out candidates from their resume? Our awesome Resume Checklist will assist you through this process!

Part 3: Send The Superstars A Questionnaire

It's time to narrow the field even more - Now we are looking for Superstars!

This next stage of the recruitment process involves inviting your remaining candidates to answer a set of questions via a Google Form.

This is a great way of getting to know your candidates and being able to quickly decide who is awesome and can move to the next stage and who is not a fit.

REMEMBER: Our aim through this entire process is to only be left with the very best, most suitable candidates to interview. Saving you time and energy by not interviewing people who are an obvious no.

Let's ensure you have covered our top question scenarios within your questionnaire:

  • Personal contact information
  • Mac or PC question
  • Online tools experience
  • Situation and example questions
  • Why do they believe they are right for this role!
  • Ask them if they have any questions

Review your google forms with an open mind. Traffic lights can assist in this process. Green - next stage, Amber - maybe, Red - reject. We would then send the next stage to both Amber and Green candidates.

Your goal here is to review your potential candidate's writing capability.

Is there spelling/grammatical errors? Do they appear to have good attention to detail? Do their answers make sense?

Part 4: Get the Standout Candidates on Video

You are so close to finding your new killer team member! It's time to create a video questionnaire. There are lots of resources out there for this. But, lucky you, we are going to give you our preferred options.

Paid Option:

  • Online tool - Spark Hire
  • Submit 10 questions for the video
  • Excellent reviewing options
  • Score candidates and send to other team members for review

Free Option:

  • Online tool - Youtube or phone video
  • Submit 10 questions for candidates to respond to via video
  • Manual reviewing and scoring creation - spreadsheets
  • Unable to put a time limit onto each question

Your goal here is to really get a feel of the candidate's personality.

Do they have good communication skills? Can they explain themselves? Do they smile and appear positive? Do they answer the questions you specifically asked? 

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Step 5: Interview Only The Best!

recruitment process result

Can you feel it? We are so close now to finding your new rockstar! It's now time to hold those all-important interviews and suss out those awesome candidates.

Online Interview Tools:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Go-to-meeting
  • Facetime

Our TOP Interview Tips:

  • Go to the interview prepared with questions ready?
  • Get a feel for their personality - hobbies/interests
  • Have they dressed and presented themselves well?
  • Are they engaging with you, eye contact, gestures?


Our Interview Question List will assist you through the recruitment process in choosing essential questions to ask your candidates!HAPPY INTERVIEWING!

Hiring Complete!

Now the fun can really begin! We like to spend as much time and energy on-boarding our new team members as we did hiring them. BUT we like to do it in a smart, systematised way. 

We're all so busy that it can be an inconvenience to have a newbie to babysit. And it can be stressful to have a team member - that is being paid - who is brand new to the business and relies on YOU to tell them what to do ALL the time. 

That is why we prepare for our new team member in advance and have a plan to get them up to speed and productive asap. 

We have an on-boarding template in Asana that we duplicate for each new hire.

This template covers things such as the tools we use, software training they need to do, who's on the team, where things are etc. 

Our on-boarding template saves us a whole lot of time and also keeps our new hires busy for a couple of days. Hit us up via our contact form if you want a copy. 

Then they are ready to hit the ground running and begin learning their role. The more SOP's (standard operating procedures) you have in place for that, the better. 

For more tips, here are 5 Simple Ways to Effectively Lead Your Virtual Team


Our 5 downloadable booklets cover everything in this article so the next time you are hiring follow the process step by step and your recruitment process will be organised, effective and dare I say, breeze!

Wrapping Up

So that was a lot, right? We understand that the process may seem overwhelming. And maybe a little over the top. Surely, it can be easier than this to hire team members?

We get it. It is mighty tempting to skip steps. It is mighty tempting to hire the first person that seems decent or your friend who's looking for work. 

We've hired quickly. With little due diligence. We've hired B players. We've hired friends. It's never gone well for us. 

Every single time we have compromised at the start of the hiring process - it turned out to be a BIG mistake later on. 

Let our mistakes save you some drama.

Taking the time to have a good system and process in place for hiring - can save the heartache, stress and financial cost of hiring the wrong person. We've been there, it's not fun. 

Having the RIGHT PERSON in the RIGHT ROLE is worth a little extra work at the beginning. Trust us, it will pay off in more ways than one over the longterm.  

Good luck! 

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