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We take the stress out of managing your business!

We manage the nuts & bolts of your business so you can focus on what you do best... being CEO. 

From Project Management to Team & Systems Optimization, we'll help you take back control and get more done, in less time.



  • You find yourself spending tons of time managing your team (and answering their endless questions)
  • You've become the CEO, the CFO, the COO, the CMO, the Executive Assistant, the HR Officer AND even Virtual Assistant. It's all a bit much.
  • Your projects (aka. dreams!) get bigger, more complex and never seem to get completed!
  • Your find yourself spending most of your time in the weeds of your business instead of focusing on the bigger picture
  • There never seems to be enough hours in the day but nothing seems to be moving forward either...


about your online team
  • Making sure projects are pushed forward & completed on time without constant input from you!
  • Keeping your team in sync, productive and happy to be a part of your business
  • Creating useful systems and processes for your team to follow to ensure they get it right, first time (and everytime)

Imagine not being the only one moving your projects forward or motivating your team... the relief!


Hi, I'm Kat Jarman - founder of Your Online Team, a boutique Online Business Management Agency. We are Australian based, with clients all over the world.

I've been that entrepreneur drowning in all the things and getting nowhere. I feel your pain!

Our mission is to help Online Entrepreneurs (that's you!) free up their time & take back control so they can do more of the things they love.


As Online Business Managers we aim to take the stress out of the DAY TO DAY running of your business. Our goal is to implement the systems and structure that you dream of in order to scale and expand while pushing forward key projects.

We are Project Managers / Operations Managers / Team Mentors / Systems & Organisational Guru's.

We want to free up your time so you can focus on what you do best.

Here's just a sample of what an Online Business Manager can do:

  • Create procedures for all business processes
  • MANAGE day to day operations
  • Implement organisational systems such as Dropbox, GDrive etc.​​​​
  • IMPLEMENT new systems such as time tracking, helpdesks, payment processors etc.
  • Help set priorities within the business
  • Manage contractors to ensure they deliver as per the brief
  • Push forward complex PROJECTS to completion
  • Be the first point of contact for your team
  • Facilitate team meetings
  • Onboard new team members & assist with training
  • RECRUIT for low & high level roles
  • TRAIN team members on creating and using SOP'S
  • And more.

Basically, if it's Systems, Projects, Operations or Team Related, we can help!


Good help can be hard to find. That's why we've searched the globe looking for the BEST and BRIGHTEST Online Business Managers and they're here, on our team and ready to help.

Online Business Manager

Candace: Lead Online Business Manager / Operations, Recruitment & Systems Specialist

Candace has never met a “to do” list that she couldn’t complete! Candace is an Online Business Manager of eight years with a demonstrated history of working with online business owners to ‘make things happen’ - seamlessly and on time. Ranging from managing teams, projects, editing + proofing, and helping you break down the ‘ideas’ to manageable steps that get implemented, she ensures all the small ‘attention to detail’ items are never missed.  

Candace has a professional background as an executive assistant and event manager. She is highly skilled in project management, creating systems and procedures and is an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant.

Kat: Founder & Head of Strategy   

Having lived and breathed online business for seven years, I’ve been heavily involved from the ground up in digital marketing, course creation and memberships. It’s my passion! This includes previously having built my own online membership and consultancy business, meaning I have the experience of both being in the driver's seat with the big vision, and as the person that can help pull it all into line whilst maximizing growth for your business from an external perspective. 

I also have a strong background in recruitment and human resources which enables me to successfully find and manage great team members for our clients.

We Are A Great Fit If You Answer 'YES' To Any Of These

  • You want high level support but don't know where to find it!
  • You would LOVE help as soon as possible, you don't have time to waste.
  • Your annual revenue is between $150k and $2.5mil and you're not yet ready to hire a full time Operations Manager (or you just can't find a good one, we can help).
  • You need someone on your team who understands the ins and outs of Online Business.

However, You Might Not Be Quite Ready For An OBM If...

  • You're not ready to quit micro-managing and hand the reins over to someone else.
  • You're at the beginning stages of your business and just getting started with your first VA.
  • You want your own Full Time Operations Manager (although we can help you find one!)
  • You don't work well with others 😉

"They rapidly became an indispensable part of my business."


"It has been a relief to work with someone who has extensive online business experience and a deep understanding of how the online "world" works. "


In August 2017, Kat Jarman and her team came on board with my business to help with project management, marketing and promotion and rapidly became an indispensable part of the day-to-day running of my business. Working with Kat and her team has been - and continues to be - an excellent experience.  

In her time with Midnight Music, Kat has overseen 3 major promotional campaigns for my paid online membership community including a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, a back-to-school sale and the re-launch of my online community. She also took a leading role in the move of my online membership to a completely new platform.  

The results of these campaigns speak for themselves. As a result of the promotions, the Midnight Music Community has grown by 150% resulting in a substantial increase in recurring monthly revenue.  

It has been a relief to work with someone who has had extensive experience with online business and a deep understanding of how the online “world” works. She is equally comfortable communicating with web designers, virtual assistants and other contractors as she is with setting up sales pages, writing email campaigns and tracking performance metrics.  

Kat is organised, demonstrates a high level of attention to detail and takes pride in her work. She remains calm and unfazed in pressured situations and uses her initiative. She is able to work autonomously but is also a great team player and manages other staff with a firm but friendly approach.  

Kat’s confident management of these areas of my business has allowed me to focus on what I do best - create content. I can highly recommend her to any online business owners wanting to move their business forward.” 

Katie Wardrobe - Midnight Music (client since 2017)

"I can highly recommend Your Online Team to any online business owner wanting to move their business forward."


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